amphetamine kicks

yesterday decided to go to a concert with the now-denial and two other bands. venue was the „temple of violence“ and it was surprisingly crowded. on arrivel the first band, burned out, just finished their set and i was told that i missed not really much. the second band, hevn (norwegian for ‚revenge‘), entered stage and from their appearence they´d come directly from the 80ies, the dreadlocks, the beards, the clothes, the batches, the attitude, just perfect. their music can be described as a mixture of crust and early 90ies emocore. in the beginning quite cool but they should have stopped after 20 minutes. they played longer and i could hardly attend all of their show. another thing that pissed me off was the obligatory „anti-bush“-song they played. there seems to be a law in scandinavia that it is only allowed to form a hardcore band and release records if you have minimum one anti-american song. at least they kept their mouth shut on other controversial topics such as israel. well, if they had played shorter and forborne from political messages, they would have been really cool. the now-denial
short break and then the band most of the audience came for – the now-denial -began their set. from the first song on they enthralled nearly everyone. straight in your-face crust-punk, a band that actually moves on stage, that is not dumb but also not in need to make too serious political statements. this band is amazing, a must view when they attend your city or any venue close by. they are way better than any sympathomimetic and instead of crust-punk i would consider to just call it amphetamine rock. but the now-denial are providing you with amphetamine kicks that completely lack of side effects. nevertheless i have to mention one negative point: the now-denial played much to short or at least it seemed so because they were so good and in my opinion (and 90% of the audience would agree) they could have continued to play the whole night. awesome concert, nice people in the audience, nice conversations. (8/10 points)

ps: the now-denial interviewed by beatpunk.

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  1. the now denial. subbbber! hier neid!
    habe zwar jahre gebraucht um ie ernst zu nehmen aber hammer. und sören ist so sweet!

    Comment von kinski — 10. April 2006 @ 17:52

  2. […] der oktober ging mit einem relativ spontan organisiertem konzert von the now-denial am 01.10.2007 in der roten flora zu hamburg schon nahezu perfekt los, verwundernd bloß, dass nur knapp über hundert besucher_innen dem konzert dieser großartigen band beiwohnen wollten. einmal mehr konnte die vermutung bestätigt werden, dass hamburg wohl die stadt ist, in der die menschen auf konzerten sich am wenigsten bewegen. selbst in der mit-verschränkten-armen-in-der-ecke-stehen stadt göttingen gab die crowd beim konzert von the now-denial mal die zurückhaltung auf, von der publikumsreaktion beim trainspotting fest 2006 ganz zu schweigen. […]

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